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Twitter: @kevin_carson

A Head from Huyton

My name is Kevin Carson. I am an English teacher and the Headteacher at RMS for Girls, an independent school in Rickmansworth.  I am fortunate and privileged to lead a school with a great ethos and strong community. In an area full of grammar schools, 11+ tutoring, and highly selective independent schools, we are different. RMS is the antithesis of an exam factory, a school that has long valued nurturing each individual, finding each girl’s talents, and helping her succeed on her own unique journey

I grew up in a place called Huyton, which is in the borough of Knowsley, in Liverpool. If you google “Knowsley” and “Education” you will be told that “Knowsley is at the top and the bottom of every British economic and social league table whose top or bottom you would be anxious to avoid”, and “Its GCSE results are the worst in the country, and have been for years” (The Guardian). Huyton has a very strong sense of place, and I have quite a strong sense of Huyton being a part of me. Growing up there formed a sense of myself and what I’m about.

I love learning, every single thing about it: the initial curiosity, the process, the struggle, the application. Education changed my life. I was fortunate to have been taught by inspirational teachers at every age. They helped me to progress through a lovely local primary, a comprehensive that might euphemistically be called challenging, and a very special sixth form college that nurtured creativity. Each of those schools went out of their way to let me be me and to grow. I enjoyed wonderful lecturers and tutors throughout a degree in English Literature at Liverpool University, an M.Phil in Renaissance Literature at Trinity College, Cambridge, and my teacher training degree at Warwick University. I still love learning.